Redrock Micro 8-011-0004 9" 15mm carbon fiber rods - 1 pair D11

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The 8-011-0004 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods (9", Pair) are designed specifically for Redrock Micro's wide variety of support systems. The rods are 15mm in size, making them ideal for attaching a mattebox, follow focus, and much more. The carbon fiber nets a total weight reduction of 66% when compared to stainless steel, making the unit incredibly light. Carbon fiber is not only extremely light, but also has a rigidity that exceeds titanium, making it extremely sturdy.

Redrock carbon fiber rods are precision crafted 15mm support rods.
Can be used with a wide variety of accessories, including follow focus and matteboxes.
Technische specificaties
Merk Redrock micro
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Rig onderdelen 15/19mm rods, Accesoires
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