Redrock Micro 3-107-0001 powerPack Universal (in 12.5VDC to 18VDC, uit 2x 12v en 1x 5-12v DC) D6

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The Redrock Micro powerPack Universal Kit attaches to a rig to distribute power to accessories and a camera via three Lemo outputs. But a battery must first be connected into a 6-pin Lemo input to provide the power. A 24" long Lemo to D-tap cable is included for the battery. powerPack delivers power regulation, conversion, and distribution. A small LCD displays battery life and output voltage.

The three outputs are a 2-pin 5-12V variable voltage output and two 3-pin 12V outputs that can be used as regulated or unregulated. The variable output is ideal for powering a camera but can be used for any accessory with 5-12V DC voltage requirements. A rotating dial adjusts the variable output and a display toggle button switches between showing battery life and output voltage on the LCD. powerPack features eight 1/4"-20 threads for attaching to a rig via an optional microSpud or microMount. Via a microMount, powerPack can be mounted on 15mm rods.

Technische specificaties
Merk Redrock micro
Produkt Powerdistributie
Rig onderdelen Accesoires
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