Redrock Micro 3-033-SA   microOmniMount (adapter om 15mm op een 19mm te gebruiken) D6

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€ 172,73 exclusief BTW
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The Redrock Micro microOmniMount is an adapter clamp designed for use with rod/rail camera support systems of varying size and spacing. It allows you to integrate rods and accessories from any of three different systems: 15mm lightweight, 15mm studio offset, and 19mm. You can adapt 15mm studio accessories to 19mm rods, for example, or turn the clamp upside down and fit Redrock's 15mm microShoulderMount to a 19mm rod system. This latest version is now also compatible with Arri baseplates.

Technische specificaties
Merk Redrock micro
Produkt Video Rig onderdelen
Rig onderdelen 15/19mm rods, Accesoires
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