REALLY RIGHT STUFF BD600-L > L-plate [Nikon D600 zonder MB-D14]

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L-plate for Nikon D600 without optional Nikon MB-D14 grip.

Note: Images of camera with plate mounted display prototype plate. Production plate has the standard RRS laser engraving.

Please read this note about compatibility or our L-Plate with the Nikon LCD screen protector: The BD600-L will allow photographers to shoot fully tethered (HDMI, remote shutter, USB, mic, and headphone simultaneously), with the camera in portrait orientation, without needing a Cable Relief Spacer. It's all built into the plate. However, In this setup there is a heightened level of stress on the plate's anti-twist flanges. We chose to sacrifice usage of Nikon's LCD protector in order to maintain the integrity of the plate's fit, and better protect the surface finish of the D600 camera body.

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