PROMPTERPEOPLE - #PROP-24 ProLine Plus 24" Teleprompter

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The new ProLine 24" Widescreen Teleprompter from Prompter People offers unparallelled flexibility. This through-the-glass teleprompter packs a 24 inch full HD, 1080p LCD monitor with HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs. With plenty of room for two or more readers this 16x9 LCD engulfs you in a panoramic view for a visually immersive prompting experience.

If you're like many people who use presentation software such as KeyNote or PowerPoint, and you also need to read from a prompter, then just add the Prompter People's 'Reversing Module'. When used with the 'Reversing Module' the ProLine 24" Widescreen Teleprompter empowers you to capture a clean and professional presentation while also allowing you to see your presentation slides without taking your eyes off the camera. 

Additionally, when not being used as a teleprompter ProLine 24" Widescreen Teleprompter can be used as a confidence monitor for talent and when used with your HDMI enabled camera can be used as a full production monitor. 

The ProLine 24" Widescreen Teleprompter has all the great features of the Flex series, but it adds the ProLine modular beamsplitter angle and height adjustment system, which provides perfect camera centering and presenter viewing angle every time. Perfect for taking the show on the road, the ProLine version can quickly and easily fold for safe and compact storage. 


• Huge 24" Wide Beamsplitter
• Ideal for prompting PowerPoint
• Doubles as direct eye contact conference system
• Extreme wide angle viewing for large groups
• Inputs include VGA, DVI, HDMI and SDI (with optional adapter)
• Accommodates the use of numerous cameras, lenses and custom matte box configurations
• Modular beamsplitter angle and height adjustment system provides perfect camera centering and presenter viewing angle
• Reliable mechanical stops prevent the mirror from falling onto monitor
• Quickly and easily folds for safe and compact storage
• Lightweight design eliminates need for high cost tripods
• Tool less provides for quick set up and break down
• Can be used with any size camera
• Able to switch between smaller to larger prompters by swapping out the monitor and mirror

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