LEICA 16028 multifunctional handgrip [Leica S - typ006]

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LEICA 16028 multifunctional handgrip [Leica S - typ006] - 4022243160286

Dedicated to Leica S3, S (Typ 007), and S-E (Typ 006) medium format digital cameras, the Multifunctional Handgrip S is a battery grip that affords longer battery life as well as more comfortable handling when shooting in the vertical orientation. The grip accepts one additional S camera battery to effectively double shooting times for longer working sessions. The grip's design is also well-matched to the camera bodies and incorporates a secondary shutter release button and a settings click wheel for adjusting settings.

Technische specificaties
Merk Leica
Produkt Batterijgrip / Handgrip
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