CAMBO CS-GH4 Panasonic HDSLR Support D3

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Cambo Video Rig GH4/5

The Cambo GH4-rig gives ideal support stability for the mirrorless cameras during handheld video capturing, using the camera's built-in viewfinder.
This dedicated rig can easily be hinged to the best angle for the shoulder support and comes with a Cambo H1 handgrip, as well as a 0.8 kg counter weight.
The Cambo GH4 Rig features a single handgrip with a padded shoulder support and counterbalance. The camera platform has 1/4” fitting, which can be angled left/right and tilted up/down.
A unique feature of the GH4 rig is the ability to change the position of the padded shoulder support. This enables you to sit the shoulder support on and ‘inline’ with your shoulder, or in a ‘brace’ position pushed against the front of the chest, or positioned over and around your back.
The reach of the grip can be adjusted and swivelled into the right position. You can even adjust the position of the camera so the shooter can look direct through the viewfinder or have enough room to add a the Cambo 3x loupe.

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