Redrock Micro 8-017-0005 microShoulderPad met FieldTech gell schouderstuk, betere balans

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The Redrock Micro microShoulderPad with FieldTech provides adjustable support for your camcorder or DSLR. It includes a microShoulderMount Rod Clamp for 15mm rods and a FieldTech shoulder pad.

The FieldTech shoulder pad is made of Cordura, breathable 3D mesh, and free-forming microPoly beads, and it provides balanced pressure distribution. It's self-leveling and actively adapts to all shapes and slopes. The rod clamp is adjustable backward and forward along 15mm rods and can be locked into place.

The microShoulderPad features 1/4" and 3/8" threads on top for attaching a camera, and it has threads on the bottom for mounting onto a tripod.

Technische specificaties
Merk Redrock micro
Produkt Video Rig
Rig onderdelen Schoudersupport, Accesoires
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