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REALLY RIGHT STUFF B102 3/8inch bolkopschroef - RRSB102

Really Right Stuff has always rejected coin-slotted screws for our quick-release plates, no matter how convenient they may appear. Sufficient torque to properly fix the screw just can't be generated with a coin. Instead, we've always chosen hex-socket screws to anchor our quick-release plates. Hex keys deliver more than enough torque for the job, are compact, inexpensive, and universally available. RRS B102 screws are custom machined with part of the shaft unthreaded. This allows our plates to be installed or removed with minimal risk of cross-threading and keeps the custom B102 screw installed in the mounting plate, which saves time and further minimizes the risk of losing the mounting screw.

Technische specificaties
Merk Really Right Stuff
Produkt Accessoires
Type snelkoppeling Accesoires
Schroefmaat 3/8 inch
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