BRIGHT TANGERINE - Strummer DNA kit 3: 4"x 5.65"Mattebox: 15mm LWS Arm,Fr.Flag Br., 3x tray's tot 22/7

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Strummer DNA

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

With an entirely new architecture and 20% better field of
view, Strummer DNA is the ultimate studio matte box.

It’s twice the strength and half the weight, yet retains it's 
compact form.We've also added more functionality
than ever  before.

Welcome to the new industry standard.

The best of both

4x5.65 & 6x6

When you need 6” filters you can simply add
the 6x6”cassette, and cover an even greater 
range of lenses.

Why buy 2 matte boxes when you can buy 1?

We love flares

We know you do too

A flare can be beautiful, but sometimes filter
reflections are ugly.With the new A.R.F tilt block
you can tilt backwards or forwards upto 15°.

It's removable, and compatible with all our matte


More mounts than ever

Strummer DNA’s unique 3/8” and 1/4” side
mounts give you the freedom to set up your 
camera in entirely new ways.

Click cassettes

An industry first

With a simple click, you can add filter stages in
seconds. This patented feature is an industry first.
The stages rotate, and you can use round filters in
our donuts.

Why buy a whole extra back, when you can just buy
single stages?

Lightweight removable flags

30° adjustable wings

Normal side flags can get blocked when you close
the top & bottom flags beyond 90°.

DNA flags are outfitted with dual variable blades.
Simply close the top and bottom flags and the side
flags tuck in between.

Self servicing

Maintenance made easy

Normal filter stages get clogged up. Thanks to
our desert ready cassettes, trapped debris and 
lubrication are a thing of the past. With the click
of a button and the swipe of a brush - you're 
Why spend half a day servicing your matte box
when you can spend half an hour?

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