Back-Bone Ribcage DIY ombouwset voor GoPro Hero 3+ black naar CS & C-mount (garantie GoPro vervalt)

€ 239,00

€ 197,52 exclusief BTW

Weights: GoPro HERO 3 and 3+ Weight (Grams)
GoPro HERO (without battery):50

Total weight:

74 grams
Parts removed during Ribcage installation:
Plastic faceplate:0.5
M12 Fisheye lens assembly6
Aluminum face plate6
Copper heat transfer tape0.2


-12.7 grams
New Ribcage parts:
PCB plate12
Cover plate12
M12 ring4
IR-Cut filter0.4
Plastic standoff0.4
All necessary screws0.2
M12 lens (original GoPro fisheye)6


+35 grams
Weight difference (with battery)
-12.7 g +35 g+22.3 grams heavier than stock GoPro
Optional components – These can be removed when using M12 lenses:
CS mount8
5mm C-Mount Spacer4
Tripod attachment10
Maximum added weigh
With all accessories

+44.3 grams

While you can connect any M12, CS or C-Mount lens, 1/2” and 2/3” lenses are best. Ribcage has a crop factor of 5.7 for 35mm SLR lenses, so wide angle lenses are generally more useful.

  • 1/2.3”, 1/2”, 1/1.8” and 2/3” M12, CS-Mount and C-Mount lenses are ideal.
  • 1/2.5” lenses are technically slightly too small for the sensor but in most cases give complete coverage.
  • 1/3” or 1/4” lenses are not recommended because they are too small for the sensor.
  • Auto iris lenses are not recommended as they require an external power supply in most cases.
  • Focal lengths ranging from 4mm up to 25mm will prove to be most useful. Focal lengths under 4mm will have a similar or more pronounced fish-eye effect than the stock GoPro lens.
  • We’ve found it best to use lenses labelled ‘HR’ or ‘Megapixel’ for HD shooting. 3MP, 5MP and 10MP lenses should produce outstanding results.
  • If you want to use the optional night vision feature of the Ribcage, IR corrected or D&N (day & night) lenses are recommended.
  • Only lenses with manual features are supported. The GoPro is not capable of controlling fully automatic lenses.
  • Brands we have tested and find to be generally quite good are Kowa, Tokina, Fujinon and Tamron.

Visit for a magnification calculator. Choose the “Digital Compact with 1/2.3” Sensor” option. You can then punch in different focal lengths to see their 35mm equivalent. This is a great tool for deciding what focal length will best suit your needs.

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